Act 1

Chapter 1
Leona Swiftleaf and Anton Corvaire’s marriage is arranged by Anton’s father, the king, who works to gain control over the elven lands that boarders Anton’s newest holding. Anton despises elves and is not pleased by the arrangement.

Chapter 2
Leona and Anton’s wedding is a lavish affair, however, Anton’s brooding is noticeable. This makes Leona tense throughout the wedding and foreshadows what her marriage will be like.

Chapter 3
Leona Corvaire’s treatment throughout the first year or so of the marriage is somewhat brutal. She is neglected, threatened, beaten, and raped by her husband who cannot find it within him to forgive the elves for what he saw as treachery.

Chapter 4
Leona is told about her pregnancy and contemplates suicide. She fears for her child’s safety, knowing her own is in jeopardy every day. She decides to tell Anton, he responds by threatening her to ensure they look human.

Chapter 5
Leona gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The boy appears to take on more of their human traits. However, the girl appears elven in all respects. Anton is furious and beats Leona terribly. He spares her life, because of the boy.

Chapter 6
Leona is contacted by a member of her tribe that had a vision about her and her children. She tells Leona of her vision and they conspire to escape from Anton’s control.

Chapter 7
Leona escapes with the help of members from her tribe. However, she is not taken to her father and her tribe. She fears the threat her home faces, however, the seer explains to her that her visions showed her that her tribe would not have helped in her escape due to the same fears.

Chapter 8
Anton discovers that Leona had escaped with his son and becomes enraged. He assembles his soldiers to march to her homeland, suspecting she would have returned to family. The elves fend off his soldiers and send Anton, and his surviving soldiers back to their lands.

Chapter 9
Leona and the twins are taken to a secure location. She learns more about the seer, the seer’s guardian, and the guardian’s son. The seer details her vision and the role her children will play ensuring the survival of peace and freedom throughout the known world.

Chapter 10
Anton goes to his father to request his help in finding Leona and his son. The father sees this as an opportunity to exterminate and enslave all of the remaining fey. He sends his most experienced army to Leona’s homeland with orders to destroy everything and bring back the women as slaves.

Chapter 11
The seer has a vision of the destruction of his village, but is against going there. She deems the safety of the children more important. Leona fears for her family’s safety and, after a heartfelt conversation, tells the guardian’s son what she plans to do and asks him to look out for the twins.

Chapter 12
The massacre at Leona’s homeland is unspeakable. Not one person is spared. Men and elders are killed, the women are raped and the children are taken as slaves. The boys will be used in a child army, and the girls are used as sex slaves. Leona engages in battle and appears to have been killed. Anton beats the soldier that made the killing blowing, for he wanted to be the one to kill her.

Chapter 13
The guardian leaves for the village after discovering Leona had left. When he returns to report the devastation, his son vows revenge on Anton and his father, the King. The seer leads the party deep into the mountains, to an ancient monastery.

Chapter 14
The journey to the monastery is dangerous. Through encounters with huge monsters, dangerous terrain and violent storms, the characters are looked into more. The guardians strength and resolve, his son’s devotion to the twins and the fact that he is never far from their sides, the seer’s intelligence and magic, and the twins’ own magic is foreshadowed.

Chapter 15
The party makes it to the monastery and is introduced to the monastery elder. He examines the twins and agrees on the importance of their protection. The monastery decides to take them in as refugees and take care of them until the twins’ innate powers manifest. They are introduced to the monks lifestyle and fighting style.

Chapter 16
The armies of the King and Anton sweep through the land, declaring all elves, and eventually all non-humans, to be untrustworthy and their lands to be rid of them. Neighboring lands are involved as well, and the start of an empire begins to emerge.

Act 2

Chapter 17
Nearly 16 years later, the twins have adopted the lifestyle of the monks completely. The guardian’s son lives and trains close by with his father, and when the twins have time away from their daily routine they are instructed by, and spend time with, the guardian and the seer. Their personalities are introduced and their skills are peaked at.

Chapter 18
The King has subjugated much of the land, building upon the empire at every opportunity that presents itself. Very few non-humans are left on the continent, many are slaves. The slaves are branded and sent to work in brothels, arenas, and mining. Bodies of non-humans and anyone caught helping them are taken to the capital and identified by Anton.

Chapter 19
During a sparring session, the twins’ innate abilities manifest, and nearly kill each other and some of the monks at the monastery. After these revelations come to mind, the temple’s elder tells the twins the legend of the Diminishment of the Gods. The twins are told they are the descendants of a god, and the seer explains their past. The particular god is a mystery to the elder.

Chapter 20
The monks bid the party farewell. Once they are clear of the temple, the twins decide to return to their homeland to see for themselves. They travel through the mountains and as they are presented with natural and bestial obstacles they begin to more acquaint themselves with their new abilities.

Chapter 21
The twins bear witness to the destruction of the new empire.

The Void